The Hanger/ The Rarely Open Door, 2014

street art installation, self direct social engaged project, street of 2014 Occupied Central movement (Umbrella Revolution), Mong Kok, Hong Kong 

The Hanger at the beginninng

Central Government Office of Hong Kong 

  This is a self-directed social engaged project I made with non-art background fellows in Hong Kong Occupied Central movement in 2014. We interviewed people's thoughts about the movement, created the 3D installation for people to get involved. The installation encouraged people to "hang" their politic views as free as hanging clothes daily. The architectural design concept of the Hong Kong Central Government Office was originally build with the symbol of "door is always open for people" , which means listening people's voice. In 2014 , Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution was fighting  for the right of  voting our Chief Executive . This fake, sarcastic "Hong Kong Central Government Office" was expressing the government was not listening to people. The idea of" Rarely Opened Door" was gathered from a passenger of the protest street. After a period of time, " the  hung clothes" have eventually  filled up the gap of  "the door", which satirized the government has closed the communication channel with people.

the Central Government Complex  of Hong Kong