A Hong Kong-born artist engages in participatory art and painting, graduated from Kingston School of Art (Kingston University London), BA Fine Art, currently based in Hong Kong.


                I am a sensitive, expressive, playful artist. I paint and draw since I was a child. Art is my first language that speaks for my complicated mind and also a journal to evident my over-stimulated brain activities in my floating life. My enthusiasm is to seeking values of memories through remaking everyday forgotten objects to narrative playfully. Speedy circulation flow of objects symbolizes our existence in this extremely fast-paced generation. Ephemera and displacement are always the main themes in my installations. For instance, like A Flower of Life, My Grumpy Father, My Grumpy Father's Christmas Factory, I challenged the possibility of narrative art performance through creating story-like open ending performance, invited audiences to become part of my artwork. This series of work performs a surreal narrative participatory installation that reveals my surreal imagination as if rewriting my personal stories for psychological compensation.

        Interaction is the key to my art. I have devoted myself to participatory art as I believe creating interactive social-engaged forms allow my participants to think more, explore more, and inspire more with each other, rather than conveying message dominantly only by myself. Creating happy engagement for the community is my life goal, as if how art lightens my life. 


      I recently facilitated a fun, therapeutic drop-in drawing workshop with music at The Bentall Shopping Centre in Kingston, London. Participants did unconscious blind drawing together with headphone music. This project explored privacy in the hustle, enhance participants' imagination, and provide relaxation. Doing intuitive blind-drawings with headphone music separated participants from the on-going hustle world in the shopping centre and created their imaginative world through blind drawing. They are usually surprised when they opened their eyes to see their unconscious pictures while they back to "the existing world', I lead them to talk about their art, an activity of turning unconciousness in consciousness. The project explored the possibilities of public therapeutic art. 


Academic Qualifications

2017- 2019 BA (Hons) Fine art, Kingston University ( Kingston School of Art ), Kingston, London


                 A tutorial with Mike Nelson


                 Studied under:

                 Andrew Bick

                 Andrea Stokes

2013 - 2014 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, University of the Arts London ( Camberwell ) (Animation)


                 Studied under:

                 Joseph Childs

Group show 


2019     Hackney WickED DIY Open Studios exhibition, open studio event, Grow Studio, London

            The Homeless Bear,  window display art installation, The Bentall Centre, London


            My Grumpy Father's Christmas Factory,

            Fine art degree show, Kingston School of Art, Kingston, London


            The Flower of A Life, Performance,  

            A.L.I.V.E group exhibition, St. John's Church,

            Hampton Wick, London.

2018     My Grumpy Father, performance and book publication,

            All you can read book publication, Stanley Picker Gallery,

            Kingston, London.

2018     Stimulating,  installation,

            End of year show, Avionics Building, Kingston School of Art,

            Kingston, London. 

2016     The Home, Take over event group show, Heritage site art exhibition 

            St Martin-At-Palace Plain, Norwich.

2015     Bowls of hands, Body Politic group show,

            University of Westminster Harrow Campus, London.

2014     "The Rarely Open Door", street art installation, 

            Self-directed socially-engaged project, street of Mong Kok in 2014, Hong Kong 

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